Residential Refinishing and Restoration

Regency Group Miami offers a wide range of solutions and options to its residential clients, We are skilled and expert old fashion craftsmen. Offering excellent and high quality Refinishing services the old-fashion way. Everything in our process is done by hand to assure the maintaining of the furniture or antique integrity.

We have finished very fine items of furniture from the1920s, Museum art pieces,  priceless antiques, and contemporary  pieces. We manufacture custom pieces and reproductions.

If our client sees a  picture in a magazine of a very expensive item, we can reproduce that piece for a fraction of the cost and will have the advantage being special fitted to the client’s space.

We also refinish front doors, kitchen and bathrooms cabinets, dining and bedroom sets, wall and bar units, any household wood pieces as well as outdoor furniture, classic auto woodwork and any other wood items needing a fine wood finish. Our goal with each item we finish, is to create a finish which delights the eye yet will sustain regular use, and we achieve that using high quality environmental friendly products blended with our expertise, knowledge, dedication and years of experience.

Furniture refinishing is the work of preparing for and applying a new protective coating to an item of furniture which has already had its previous finish removed.

For a wood tone finish, the basic steps in this process typically include sanding, staining, sealing and applying layers of a protective coating. For decorative finishes, under which heading we include any finish which emphasizes the beauty of the finish in contrast to the beauty of the natural wood grain, the process can vary widely.

Not every old piece of furniture needs to have its finish removed to look its best!- Many people believe that once a finish is a bit worn or dirty or has sustained some damage, its finish must be removed and a new finish applied to get it to the place where it looks good again. We have successfully saved many old finishes and given them renewed beauty and many more years of useful life.

Painted surfaces that are aged or worn can sometimes be restored as well, depending on the extent of the wear or damage. If you have a painted piece and you would like to find out whether it can be restored, please bring it in and let us assess the possibilities with you.

Finish Restoration vs. Refinishing

Finish restoration is the work of saving and preserving an old finish. Refinishing is the work of removing an existing finish and applying a new finish. What are the pros and cons of each?

Finish Restoration


An old finish that is fundamentally sound can be preserved. The unique character and mellowed appearance of the old finish will not be lost. If there is any monetary value in the original finish, that value also would be preserved. An old finish that is badly worn, chipping or otherwise no longer serviceable can be removed and a new finish applied which will extend the life of the piece and offer a clean, fresh appearance.
Nicks, scratches, some discolorations may still be visible, but refurbishing makes those markings less prominent and more a feature than an eyesore. All nicks, scratches and discolorations will be eliminated with refinishing. Some of the deepest nicks or scratches may still remain as reminders of years of useful service. Refinishing allows the choice of a new color, sheen or varied shadings.
Refurbishing retains the color and features of the original. Refurbishing costs less, leaving you a few extra dollars with which to buy your sweetheart chocolates. We offer a prorated ten year guarantee on our refinishing work, leaving you fewer dollars, perhaps, but greater peace of mind.